Starches Lab

This lab was cool because we got to make our own pasta at one of the stations.  Its very easy to make and I actually would like to get my own pasta machine so I can just make my own pasta.  Making your own pasta doesnt just mean making plain dough and putting it through a machine either…you can flavor/color it with things like red pepper, spinach, garlic, etc…  I really enjoyed this lab because we got to do so much from the pasta making, baking squash, learning about all the different rices and grains and using different methods like pilaf and risotto to cook them.  I love all kinds of grains like barley, buckwheat, quinoa, rices, etc and this lab showed tasty ways to cook them.  Barley may seem like a dull grain to most people and they might now know what to do with it, but the barley pilaf my partner and I made with sauteed onion, mushrooms, and carrots turned out delicious.  I love gnocchi so I got to learn exactly how to make them and the alfredo sauce we made with them just made a terrific and easy dish. I look forward to making my own pastas in the future and continuing to cook the different grains in creative ways!

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