Lab #8 – Fish Lab(Round)

I really liked this lab.  I love fish, but never really learned how to clean them so this lab taught me a lot.  I also love cooking fish so this lab showed me some new preparations and techniques for dry-heat cooking fish.  I like to eat fish and seafood as much as I can mainly because I love the flavors, but also because it’s a very healthy way to get protein.  Although deep-frying anything isnt healthy, I loved the tempura batter Chef Bear made.  It wasnt just a bunch of fried batter with a slight fish taste like a lot of fried food tastes, but it was light enough to taste and really enjoy the striped bass, but it was full of flavor.  I’ve heard of flat fish before, I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten them before, but I did learn that they have 4 filets, while round fish, like the striped bass, have 2 filets.

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